Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Mid Week Rant

I have had to endure a number of those calls lately which have made me very wary of answering the phone to 'unknown' number. They are usually from financial institutions or retail stores selling credit or insurance products because they have overpriced their clothing products and their staffing structure is too top heavy so they have to create alternative sources of income! They always seem to catch you  at the wrong moment -when your phone is lost in your handbag or you are driving or forgotten to switch your phone off in a meeting! Is there ever a right moment for these calls and you can hear that the caller is following some sort of script. I know people have to make a living but honestly I am NOT going to buy my insurance over the phone EVER! I also wonder if these calls really are recorded for training 'poipoises' or just to irritate me further by saying that they are! Their latest trick is that they phone you and then put you on ring-back so that when you answer your phone - it's to hear theirs ringing - this to me conjures up an image of a poor telesales person ringing several numbers at once and praying that the lottery stakes are in their favour and that some unsuspecting person will answer their 'unknown number.' So if you are reading  this for 'training poipoises'  please make a note not to call my number ever again! Thanks!!!

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