Monday, February 27, 2012

My Timeline

Facebook has got the new Time-Line which prompted me to create mine! I decided to use my favourite possession at the time to steer me through my journey to the present.

Satin edged blanket - I am 2 years old and have been told that I loved to rub my nose against the satin edge of my blanket to get to sleep. Sadly - I still do - but obviously not the same blanket - Percale sheets are almost as good!

Nina - My doll. She is not the vinyl, soft variety that you can cuddle - but made of  hard plastic. She has eyes that close when she lies down but one sticks so she sleeps with one eye open. Maybe I find that more comforting!  long ago she said "Mama" but I think that curious hands poked something into that mechanism so that now it's a quiet, unsteady "meow" that she makes. I was told not to wash her hair so I did - she is bald but very well loved.

A Basildon Bond Writing Set, a present at a Christmas party at Pilkingtons Glass where my dad worked. It looks very refined and the pale turquoise paper and envelopes are tied with satin ribbon. I have no one to write to but I loved looking at that blank beautiful paper and imagining that I would be a person who would write on it one day.

Mascara - I am 15 and my sky blue eye shadow and black Max Factor 'spit and scrub' mascara are my ticket to sophistication. It was a block mascara with a tiny brush that I used to create my "Twiggy" eyes - complete with eyelashes drawn underneath the eyes and a smattering of freckles produces with my brown eye pencil Beautiful!

A Tapestry Coat which I wore with a burnt orange hat and scarf. My Joseph coat of many colours! I was an art student, my hair is short and sort of spiky. I am a little different to say the least.

Three beautiful boys  under the age of four and another one to follow. Life is busy but fun. I knit a lot and make my own clothes. Hairdressing is also a home job with Wood Nymph Golden Blond.

Earrings! I waited till I was thirty before having my ears pierced. My father died in 1982 and he hated pierced ears so we girls were forbidden to mutilate ourselves! I had mine pierced and bought my first pair of earrings. Little studs to symbol of bittersweet independance.

My Buren Watch! bought with a little bit of money from our late sons' estate. Those words don't belong in any sentence. The reality is that we were his beneficiaries and there was one small policy that he has named just me -his mum. So I bought the watch that I still wear today to remind me his time was cut short and that I must make the most of mine.

The Millennium year when we all wondered if the planes would really fall out of the sky at midnight! As a family we went to the most wonderful masked ball and I bought a black dress with a large white satin collar that I will never throw away. I felt like a movie star in that dress as the millennium arrived and we watched the fireworks over the pier and not planes falling.

My HRT, My Laptop, My Camera

I record my life, explore my opportunities and potential and fight my hormones and the progress of time. I think I am winning!

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