Sunday, February 5, 2012

Surprise! Surprise!

I have had a week full of surprises some not as pleasant as others but all the same my eyebrows have been twitching all week.
My first surprise was a really lovely one. I was notified by Fair Lady magazine that I had won a Placecol hamper - Yay! I love winning skincare products or getting them as freebies in goodie bags (Hint hint BWA) mainly because when I contemplated giving up work a couple of years ago, one of my first thoughts was, 'How will I afford Clinique!" and I felt the fluttering of a panic attack. Since then I enter any competition I can to build up a stash of products and God willing I will still be able to use them by the sell by date!
Believe it or not I am still receiving birthday gifts so a pretty soap and a shopping voucher was a lovely surprise on Tuesday.
Wednesday's surprise cam in the form of my sister. Her FB status declared she was online so I opened a video chat to her. When she came on to chat -she was here in the bottle and glass on the Rain ford Bypass, so not only did I get to chat to her but also her French friend Christiaana (whom I met when I visited) and in an authentic Lancashire pub. I think the pub locals must have been very impressed with us oldies social networking!
Thursday's surprise was a nasty one. I bank with Standard Bank who informed that they suspected irregular use of my credit card. It had been used to buy nearly R2 000's worth of Pizza from an outlet in Gelvandale over the previous weekend, an enormous amount of KFC and to purchase enough meat to feed the five thousand. Which is what I suspect my card was used for - funeral food! My estimates is that R2 000 buys at least 60 pizzas and the Colonal must be wearing a really big smile following a purchase of R700. I have never seen R 3 300 worth of meat but I can guess it a cow-full. My credit card had never left my possession so someone out there is a real magician. At this point the fraud is being investigated - it wont affect my bank balance - and I have been told that there are cameras in two of the places it was used so lets hope the person doesnt disappear into thin air!
Yesterday's surpise was a bonus - there is a WineFarm in PE. Theescombe Estate is but a 20 minute drive away and has some really lovely wines. This emerging Estate Wine Farm occupies 2 hectares of land.  1 ½ hectares bear the fruit of approximately 3500 vines.  The first vines were planted in 2006. Cultivars include: Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinotage, Merlot, Semillon, Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc and White Muscadel.
The first batch of wine was made in 2010 - for home consumption in the Cellar on the farm.  The Futter family saw the potential for this to blossom into something special in the Eastern Cape and gave it all the energy and time required.  Estate Status was granted in May 2011 and the winemaker is a very dedicated female and a wonderful hostess. As well as the wines we enjoyed delicious local olives from Alicedale, Cheeses from Patterson and local biltong accompanied by a divine sunset. Local is definitely lekker!

Today's surprise was a catchup snooze - something I never do is sleep in the daytime so I was very surprised to wake up with my Kindle on my chest half an hour after I decided to read a bit with my lunchtime cuppa! I suspect it may be related to the discovery of the winefarm and yesterday's tasting!

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