Thursday, March 8, 2012

In Praise of Pie!

I bet you didn't know that this is National Pie Week in The UK - if you don't believe that pies are a national treasure, then read about it here. They even have a 2012 Pub Pie Champion – Fancy putting that on your CV! there is even a FB page dedicated to pie love!
I like pie! My family love pie and when my kids know that I am making a steak and kidney pie they are prone to drop in an scoff the lot! It is the most delicious pie in the world - no humble pie in this house!
I grew up in St Helens and Pimblets' Meat and Potato pie was a lunch time staple, and there were occasions when they employed a man to control the crowd queueing outside. Mr Pimblet must have put something addictive in that pie because when they were baking and the aroma wafted over the town, your feet (and taste buds), were drawn towards the bakery and before you knew it you had eaten two!
My Nan Westwell bought Pimblet's pies for all the family the day she died and delivered them courtesy of her bus pass - she then died on the bus with her two nestled safely in her shopping bag together with a custard slice. At 79 years of age, one of my regrets at losing her was that she died before eating her meat and 'tator!
She was a pie baker of note, her pastry melted in the mouth and her apple pie is still spoken about in reverent terms at family gatherings.
I lived in Wigan for two years where the population are known as pie eaters.
There are, of course, lots of pie jokes. Like what do you call three pies on a stick? Answer, a Wigan kebab. "What time is it when there's a meat pie on Wigan town hall clock? Answer: "Something to eet?" - of course to get that one you would have to know the Wigan accent eight being pronounced as "eet." (Sadly I am laughing as I type this). They love their pies there so much that people travel form all over the world to enter the World Pie Eating Contest here .
Here in the Eastern Cape, I reckon there are a few pie eaters too - judging by the ever full car park at Nanaga Farm Stall. We all love thier lamb and mint pies and they have a frozen range so you can take them home. I have travelled many times to the Grahamston Festival with a bag of pies bought on the way, kept warm with my beannie over them as a 'pie cosy'. Hmm - Do you think I may have stumbled across a best selling idea for Wigan-ers???
So yes - I will be baking a pie this week - old habits die hard. In honour of the humble pie - I do think we should make an effort - enjoy yours!

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  1. Pie's are enjoying a bit of a renaissance over here - lots of posh pies in the weekend magazines. We're partial to chicken and fish pies in our house.