Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mid Week Make!

I have finished my cushion! I know its a year after the event but at least I finished it. I bought this fabric when in the UK last year. It was especially made for the Royal wedding and my niece and I spotted it in a little craft shop in Chippenham, Wiltshire. We both bought a piece with no idea what we were going to use it for. Janice went home and within a week had sewn her piece into a long sausage to make a draught excluder. I couldn't bear to see mine on the floor so I decided on a cushion. It was only when I was looking for a cross stitch kit to celebrate the Queens Diamond Jubilee that I came across this pattern. I had the fabric and threads and it was pretty easy to do so "Hey Presto". Ha Ha - I just know my family will be fighting over this heirloom when I am on that big throne in the sky!!!
I am unashamedly a Royalist - I stitched a sampler for the Queens Golden Jubilee and I shall enjoy stitching the one I ordered to honour her Diamond Jubilee from here. After all,  Queen Elizabeth and I go a long way back -Perhaps its because I was born the year of her coronation, maybe it was the solemn promise I took as an 8 year old Brownie to "Promise to do my best to serve God and the Queen!"
Anyway Happy anniversary Kate and William - I shall enjoy a glass of bubbly and my cushion!


  1. I'm now feeling very guilty. Yours looks much more beautiful but mine is much needed in draughty Wiltshire!

    1. Yours is just a fab and very fitting for your lovely mansion!

  2. Brilliant, you are such an inspiration to me. x