Friday, March 16, 2012

The Secrets of a Good Night's Szzzleep!

I love to read The International Express. By the time it comes out the news is old but the quality of writing about it is excellent as are the articles! I love one by a 95year old journalist, writing under the name of Beachcomber, who seems to have an eccentric obsession with surveys and stats. His, or it could be, Her articles make me laugh out loud!

This week they had a lovely little snippet on sleep. I quote, "the key to a perfect nights sleep is going to bed before 10pm, wearing pyjamas and enjoying a cup of tea before hand." That's a triple failure for me!
"A survey of 2000 adults who are enjoying undisturbed sleep every night of the week revealed that we should have 2 hours and 7 minutes rest in the afternoon after cooking, washing up and doing the chores!" Are these 2000 people surveyed, men I wonder? "The last food of the day should be eaten before 8.29pm and the last drink preferable a cup of the at 9.10pm." No chocolate in bed and no tot of whisky to send you on your way?
"After going to bed at 10pm in your pyjamas you should spend 20 minutes reading before settling down, says the survey!" The book thing I do already - but how to limit it to 20 minutes?And what about the crossword - when will I find time to do that? Apparently these are all unmarried men too! Would they drink tea before bed, read and then go to sleep? Pensioner perhaps?

I shall challenge myself to follow this regime and report back because I am missing my long nights of uninterrupted slumber. There was a time when my family used to say that I didn't go to sleep at night - I die.  I used to sleep like a log! I once went through to the kitchen to find a strange guy asleep on our couch in the lounge. After hurrying back for my dressing gown - I was told by my son that it was an acquaintance of his whose transport had broken down, and he offered him a bed for the night. He had phoned his parents from the phone next to my bed! I was oblivious - fast asleep - in dreamland. These were the days when I fell asleep on my hot water bottle and woke up with a blister on my wrist - a really bad burn - I felt nothing!
Dreamland seems to be an exclusive and expensive vacation these days so perhaps the price of new pyjamas, a cup of tea and a book is worth it. I will let you know. Perhaps sugar in my tea will produce "Sweet Dreams"!
Do you have any remedies to share with me?

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  1. Celery - apparently a stick a day helps you sleep. Not going to bed straight after using the computer. Reading complicated books in bed. Meditating/counting breaths. Exercise. Paul McKenna CDs. I too can sleep like a log so when I don't, I worry, hence I sleep less!