Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My First Day Down Under

What a day! I woke up to my cell phone alarm at 6am - forgetting to switch it off is not funny! Anyway I had no problem going back to sleep for an hour or so. My bedroom looks like a teenagers with clothes, cases and toiletries scattered everywhere but the first priority was to get up and get out. Nadine very kindly took a day's leave so that she could help me get my bearings and teach me some tram rules. I have a day to learn so need to pay attention !

And off we went - on the tram to downtown Melbourne, off the tram down to the railway station, topped up the travel card, walked by the Yarra River, jumped on to the free city tram to Victoria Market to enjoy an array of deli delights, lovely cheeses, cooked meats, olives and tappas. Sushi hand rolls for lunch and then a browse around the fresh produce covered market where every vegetable and fruit that you could think of was there ready for our choosing. After squeezing several tomatoes Nadine picked the best and together with our bazil and spinach leaves, we headed back to the tram stop for our journey back to Port Melboune and a well deserved cuppa - this time chai tea! thinking about what I saw - Parliament Buildings, Art Galleries, Eureka Tower 89 stories high (apparently I am going up this and will stand on a glass platform called 'the edge' and look down to the street) eek! The beautiful gates in the photo are of the Australian mint - after all the lovely things I saw today, I may need an inside contact there.

When my feet had cooled down, we set off again to orientate myself with the Port Melbourne area where Sean and Nadine live. Its lovely - very much like Humewood but cleaner, newer and full of young, sporty professionals - Yes! I blend in naturally! The Spirit of Tasmania was sitting in the harbour - this daily ferry will take you across the Bass Straight to Tasmania in 12 hours and bring you back again. It was ablaze with lights as it swallowed up cars and passengers to ferry to the 'island of inspiration."

OK so now I know where I am and I know how to get to town, know how to ride the tram and have a pretty full tram card so I have no excuse but to go out tomorrow and explore ...after I have tidied my room! Goodnight xx


  1. G'Day Auntie! You pop up everywhere! You've GOT to go the gallery in Melbourne - amazing collection of aboriginal and Australian art. Also the botanical gardens were fab when I went years and years and years ago. Send me a postcard and have lots of fun! How do you do that clever thing with your photos?

  2. Planning to go to the botanical Gardens today! I sue Picasa for my photos and create a collage. Its good if you want to post a lot of pics! Ironically Sean is in SA! I booked my ticket in Jan and last week he was called back to SA for a week! LOL - enjoying girl time with me daughter-in-law and Sean is back next week. Also planning to go to Sydney and swim with dolphins in Port Philip!