Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tea for Two

When on holiday I enjoy the luxury of an afternoon tea - not every day - but at least once and preferably somewhere with a view. There are several places in Melbourne and yesterday presented an opportunity for us to indulge in a decadent chocolate experience at the Langholm Hotel. We were greeted and seated with a magnificent view of the chandelier!
I tried three types of tea, the most different being the rose oolong. A delicate scented infusion - think Yves St Laurent Paris cologne with a touch of Earl Grey! The sandwiches and scones ticked all the right boxes but the chocolate pasties and petite fours were especially delicious and boasted a couple of dabs of edible gold leaf. The menu contained some do's and dont's - as if we needed guidance! Tips were given on.......
How to hold the tea cup and should the little finger be raised?
Milk first or tea?
How should one stir the tea?
To dunk or not to dunk?
Sandwiches with or without crusts?
We passed the test with full marks and wobbled out a couple of hours later. The sugar high lasted the rest of the day! So I can add Melbourne to my list of tea experiences. They include Egypt, Paris, London, Dubai, Cape Town, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Port Elizabeth and while sailing on the Indian Ocean.
I have another place in mind for tea here - it is served in a rooftop garden above a previously well known brothel. I should imagine that the tea will be strongly perfumed, the scones fruity and tart will be served.
I will let you know!

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