Friday, April 6, 2012

When will there be good news?

I have had a fabulous week! I have rubbed shoulders with the rich and famous, enjoyed cocktails on a yacht on a sunset cruise in the bay. Found some fabulous shoes that are stylish, comfortable and didn't cost a fortune. Made significant inroads in my career, spent time with my close, loving and highly successful family and am sitting with a new ring on my finger bought for me by my darling husband. Jealous? Is that not the purpose of putting your fabulous self out there into cyberspace through Facebook, Twitter and the like? You would think so if your read through many people's status updates and I am pretty sure that this is creating a dissatisfaction amongst us - a feeling that everyone else has a fabulous life and that we are just ordinary losers. The reality is that the law of the universe says not everyone can be at the top of the pyramid of success (it would then be a square hey!)
Actually most of the above is a much embroidered version of the truth. My real week went something like this:-
Monday - Went to work and twiddled my thumbs as most of my students were absent - Frustrating! I did pop into Greenacres on the way home though and found a pair of shoes that I know I will wear all winter! Stylish? (Perhaps); Comfortable and affordable (Green Cross - need I say more?)
Tuesday - More students - more frustrations! Also started with a sore throat so made an appointment to see the doctor on my way home. Not good news - Streptococcus pharyngitis and I have a full week of training to conduct next week! Bed and Drugs!
Wednesday - I have a hair appointment and a sore throat, a headache and fever! Its the last chance I have to get my hair done before I go overseas. My poor hairdresser agreed to sort me out - I offer her a mask! Straight back home to bed! I sleep all afternoon and in my dreams I am on a yacht in the bay with the rich and famous! I have a restless night! I awake covered in a rash - EISH!
Thursday - I work from my bed - My time is at a premium because of my impending holiday - I have deadlines to meet so have no choice! I am itchy! I have been trying to get in touch with Sean in Melbourne all week as I need to speak to him before I leave. No luck!
Friday - Good Friday! when will there be good news? My throat is better. My rash is the same and I still have work to do but I am making progress! Hooray - I get to Skype with Sean. My hubby cheers me up by giving me an early wedding anniversary gift. Scent of a Woman (one of my all time favourite movies is on TV) and this cuppa-soup tastes awesome! Some days really are better than others and success is all about looking for good news, finding something to celebrate in the small stuff and jsut being the best you can be!
That's Life!!

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