Sunday, May 13, 2012

Welcome Home - RIP Customer Service!

All good things come to an end ......and so it is with holidays. "There's no place like home" and when I touched down at OT airport I felt the excitement of being back with family and friends again but I was also met with a wall of apathy. They say that South Africa is alive with opportunity but when it comes to Customer Service - there is no pulse!
Twenty four hours prior, I left an airport where people are energetic, efficient and perform their work enthusiastically and I arrived to unsmiling, irritated and unhappy looking airport staff who amble and loiter and give the impression that you are interrupting their chatting time by disturbing them with your need for service! Welcome Home! Never have I been so aware that South Africa is a sliding down a slippery slope to join the rest of Africa.
The airport is much improved visually but everything and everyone seems to move in slow motion - the beat of Africa has slowed to a funeral march with Service as the victim and customers in mourning. RIP. It's back to slow inefficiency and sour faces.
Yesterday I was treated to a Mothers Day lunch at an exclusive venue. They have everything going for them - position, ambiance, a good star rating but again the staff let the establishment down. Cutlery and crockery was dropped not once, not twice but I lot count of the number of crashing forks and clattering clumsiness that assaulted our peaceful lunchtime. Food was barely warm and the buffet table not big enough to hold all that was on offer, so you weren't sure whether the dishes were the entree or dessert.
I sigh! I feel that I am fighting a losing battle - Is it worth the trouble to complain or shall I just resign myself to a 'this is Africa"?
We have so much going for us and we just cant be bothered to inject a little energy and thought into our work. How sad is that?

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