Sunday, June 10, 2012

Dear Blog - Welcome back!  I have neglected you, I am sorry its 4 weeks since I visited you. Its Sunday and I am feeling very guilty about my absence to blogsphere but since coming back from holiday, I literally haven't had a moment to spare or should I rephrase that - I haven't had a moment to spare literally!
What have I been up to? Work. Work. Work.  In my youth I never imagined that I would still be working at my age. I imagined a future of domestic bliss interrupted only by regular cruises and sunny holidays to far flung places to enjoy outings around art galleries, historical ruins and exotic beaches. I thought that I would shop, bake, garden, read and drink tea....and yes I do all of those but I have to fit them all around my working world. I am not alone - many women my age work, in fact most of my friends are busier than ever in their fifties and working harder. I am not sure that when women demanded equal rights, that working till we are sixty five was part of that dream!
My weekdays have been full as I came home to a flurry of facilitation and a backlog of assignment marking - which I am please to report is now under control. Weekends have been busy with family life, catching up with grandchildren and with Mothers Day and a Diamond Jubilee to celebrate. Yesterday's wintry wet weather was a blessing. I spent the day relaxing and doing some of the things I love - baking, reading, drinking tea and playing with my photographs and scrapbooking. It takes time to get back into the groove after a holiday and I think that this weekend has been the turning point into and normal service is resumed!
Since arriving home I have been featured in Woman and Home Magazine (I think my next blog will report on that story). I have had an article printed in Your Family magazine and I was thrilled to hear last week that I am a runner up in Woman and Home's Short Story competition. I entered a story last year and came nowhere, this year I am a runner up and I am aiming to come in the top three next year! I dont want to be an "I" specialist but these three happenings give me the confidence and energy to find time to continue with my writing and, while I know that I will never have a writing career, I will quite happily spend any little free time that I have scribbling away. Welcome back  dear blog - I have missed you!

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