Wednesday, July 25, 2012

News Flash

We went travelling last weekend and the time spent in airports and general relaxation is always a welcome opportunity for me to read and part of that is catching up with the newspapers and news channels. I barely have time to do little more than scan the headlines and watch the news round ups and I enjoyed the opportunity to read the Cape newspapers. Here are some of the stories that informed and entertained me.
The day before we left was when that terrible massacre took place in Colorado at the cinema where Batman was being premiered. Twelve Americans died and this heinous act dominated the news 24/7.  So I was very surprised and shocked to read that on the same day a ferry had capsized off the coast of Dar Es Salaam in Tanzania and over 140 passengers had lost their lives. No TV report, no international coverage! Do I then draw the conclusion that American lives are more valuable than African lives – I was sad and a more than a little outraged.
A lazy Sunday gave the opportunity to relax and read the Sunday Times in the lounge of the Commodore Hotel near the Waterfront. A cosy fire, comfortable chairs and a bottomless pot of Twinings English Breakfast tea provided perfect reading conditions and the Commodore is the type of establishment were the newspapers are ironed to provide a smooth passage!  News of Selebi, who was convicted of corruption in 2010,  being released from Pretoria Prison on medical parole last week, after serving only 229 days of a 15-year sentence caused more outrage. He is obviously as skilled at faking his 'terminal' illness as he is at stealing, lying and bribing others. I suspect he could dig up the dirt on a few in high places and this is their way of keeping him quiet!
A photograph of the Australian Prime minister enjoying a joke with Morgan Tsvangirai of Zimbabwe caught my eye. Apparently he has stated in his current visit there that they are optimistically confident about being able to rebuild Zimbabwe with the financial assistance of the international community! For God's sake - we are funding incompetence. Rhodesia was a thriving economy destroyed by Mugabe and his party and now they want the international community aka 'us' to fund the rebuilding of it. Reading the news is not good for my blood pressure so perhaps its not such a good idea to do it every day!
Food for thought was a small article about a Brazilian company who are manufacturing briefs said to ‘eat’ fat. Made from miracle fabric designed to increase blood circulation and thereby reduce cellulite, these are available after clinical trials showed a significant reduction in a group of ladies. Called 'My Shape', they will retail for about R 500 a pair or 50 'knickers' as my cockney countrymen may say. I say that I remember a time when I could buy 50 pairs of knickers for this vast some of money. I also wonder why men aren’t forking out a fortune to burn their backside fat! So back to work to day and the realisation that work and life are a great distraction from what is going on in the world!

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  1. Brazilians do have the best bottoms - that's some news I read recently. I always go to bed when the news comes on.