Monday, July 16, 2012

When opportunity meets preparation!

There is nothing like an overseas visitor to make you aware of what a special part of the world we live in! Tony Gaskin - yes my hubby's namesake - is here on the HMS Dauntless on route to the Falkland Islands, so as usual when a visitor is in town, we wanted to show off our area. He is only a young twenty something so most of our trips involved either alcohol or adrenalin. On Saturday we took a coast drive out to Barnacles - Yes I know - he is a sailor but our coastline is so beautiful! We drove through Beachview, Seaview and then on to Blue Horizon Bay which is one of PE's best kept secrets - a beautiful wild and windswept beach and of course my camera came with us. I just love the loneliness of this place - no footprints in this sand!

He had the true PE experience and was BLOWN away!
That evening we made for our favourite eatery at the Boardwalk - Leonardos. The food was great and the Boardwalk twinkled and looked so pretty - another hit with our visitor.
On Sunday we made for the Lion Park at Seaview - the lions were on top form and Thor really performed for me while our visitor enjoyed an interactive session with the tiger cubs.
No visit to PE is complete without a trip to Addo so off we went on Monday in search of lions again! I am always amazed at how foreigners crave sightings of the predatory cats and want to see a kill! We scoured the park and saw most of what Addo has to offer but not the lions. After lunch we decided to drive back to PE but through the park towards Colchester and were rewarded with the sight of two males resting after a kill. They were literally an arms with away -so we kept our arms in the car!! I took some lovely photos of them but I just loved this one of the elephant striding down the road in front of us as we drove away. The light was now fading to a lovely golden glow and picked up the colours of the bush. He was on his way home and so were we!
Tuesday and this time we went in search of adrenalin! Tony wanted to bungee so over a few smaller bridges Van Staadens and Storms River  and off to Bloukrans. I had no idea of the scale of this tourist attraction - not only the dimensions of the bridge but also the number of jumps that they do a day. It was running at an average of 8 an hour or 60 per day when we were there but in the height of season they do up to 100 per day. Mostly young, male and female queue to jump the 216 meters into the gorge and return shaken and stirred! that the view they get before the launch themselves into space. I planted my feet firmly on the ground and stayed there with my camera!
After the jump we made for Storms River Mouth where I hadn't been for a while. As a National park, it is so well maintained and there were plenty of new braai places and 2 new suspension bridges over the river mouth that offer breathtakingly beautiful scenery. The walk was a bit challenging but really well worth it.
The waves were spectacular which added to the drama of the day - a day of bridges! As we arrived back at the camp to head home, we stopped to catch our breath and watching these children chasing waves, I reminded myself to do this more often. Our region has a wealth of beauty and opportunity to enjoy nature and to record it as I love to do. In photography when preparation meets opportunity the result is a great picture!
Lets hope that is still around for these children and thier children to enjoy.

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