Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Water Water Everywhere!

How ironic is it that after several years of drought and water restrictions that in the second wettest winter on record - we have no water coming out of our taps!  A broken pipe, apparently caused by poor maintenance left most of PE without water over a weekend and for us in Summerstrand yesterday and today. Read about it here. Like all good Port Elizabethans we just got on with it - buying bottled water or collecting rain water we could. It's amazing how quickly a thirst develops when you know that water is in short supply! Every time I turned on the tap or flushed the toilet - out of habit - it made me think about people in Africa and other parts of the world who don't have the luxury of having water piped into their homes. I felt quite sorry for myself for having to boil a kettle to wash dishes and carry a jug of water into the bathroom to brush my teeth. Getting ready for work on Monday was a mission, cooking supper had to take into account how much water was needed to cook vegetables and I had to get very creative with face wipes to eek out the rest of the water so there was enough to wash in the morning and get ready for work again. How I longed for a hot bath!
What a relief when I arrived home and the taps stuttered to life and life's precious liquid spilled forth! Dishes were washed, plants revived and the kettle filled for the best cup of tea ever. At last I could have a nice hot blissful bath - the towels warmed in anticipation at bedtime. I lit scented candles - this was a celebration. I turned the taps on full and tipped heavenly milk and honey bubble bath into the waiting tub and I lowered myself into....EEK! half a bath of luke warm water. I scrambled to turn the taps off before more cold water ruined my experience. As I sat there barely covered and shivering while trying to splash the water so it felt like a real bath. I thought that 24hours earlier I would have been grateful for this much water. Sigh - Bath time bliss would have to wait - At least the towels were warm. I thought of those who have no water piped into their homes and was grateful!

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