Monday, August 27, 2012

You never know what's around the corner!

I found this out this weekend in Knysa on a visit to Noetzie conservatory. Its something I have wanted to do for a long time and we set off enthusiastically to explore. Like all good things - the view doesn't come easy but it is extraordinary to come across a set of castles on a remote beach you can read all about them here.
We followed the sign post and drove past the shacks and along the dusty gravel road - never easy - leading down to the car park. On our way down the pathway we heard someone counting one hundred and twenty two, one hundred and twenty three, then some heavy breathing and then two heaving chests appeared followed by weary legs navigating the steep climb up. "Is it worth the effort?" we enquired. They were too breathless to reply - I became a little less enthusiastic! Going down isn't too bad but you can't help but think - I have got to get up here coming back! This was what we went to see.....
The beach is lovely - a wide stretch of pristine white sand with roaring, crashing waves to add some drama! One of the castles offers 5*accommodation and I wondered how thick the walls would have to be to drown out the noise and the tide was out!
We headed up the beach to explore and came across a seal which was lying beached. We watched for a while - not sure what to do. Remembering David Attinborough's advice - we just left it to nature and hoped that he was just resting and would go out with the tide.
Not knowing that I would almost go out with the tide! We set out down the beach and I glimpsed the walls of a more interesting castle just round the corner - how to get there around those rocks?  I set off, camera in hand waiting for the surf to recede, I made a dash for it.....I misjudged and before I knew it I was scrambling up the rocks desperately trying to keep my camera dry. The ocean came even closer and before I knew it I was knee deep in water and halfway up the rocks! "Breathe" I told myself and looked for a way out while keeping one eye on the creeping waves crashing around me. I did what photographer do - I took a photograph! Going back down onto the beach was suddenly not an option. Mr G seeing my dilemma made his way up and around and reached out to take my camera above me so that I could use both hands to climb.

Doing my best rock spider impression, I scrabbled to safety - PHEW! I was relieved to be back on the sand and the castle around the corner would have to keep its secrets - a mystery - cut off from the paparazzi for the time being!
While we enjoyed the sunshine and I tried to dry off my wet jeans and shoes, we watched the gulls and studied these tiny footprints - wandering who had made them.

Tony was crowned 'King of the Castle'............

                       ......... then we headed for the steps........ and started counting!
Halfway up at the top of the steps resting on a stone throne. Safe and sound and only slightly out of breath!!!! Only a steep path to climb now in my still wet jeans.....
                                                       ......and then I will be home .....and dry!!!

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