Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Get the champers out - Its time to create new memories!

OK - So I should be packing but I am sitting in chaos with a cup of coffee and I need this 5 minutes! Its moving day tomorrow and I now realise that I have an obscene amount of 'stuff' some of it baggage and some of it so part of my history that I just cant throw it away.
Things that I cant let go of include:-
My wedding dress. No its not a designer made vintage lace creation or a family heirloom but it would look at home in a museum. Its a home made, hand sewn dress that resembles a milking maid's outfit made in white crepe with blue satin ribbon trim - but it does remind me of how far my fashion sense has come!
The christening outfit that my boys were christened in - a yellowing nylon romper suit that once held all that is precious to me.
Obviously photographs - but a whole trunk/kist of them is a bit scary!
The jeans that I travelled to South Africa in  - Sigh! they look as if they would fit a skinny teenager! I had four children and they are a size 10!
I have culled cards and mementos from the boys' school years long ago but I have to keep Sean's first day at school book - all beautifully coloured with his name in back to front writing; a story Mark wrote aged 8 where he tells the world, " My mum is a big blond lady - she is very pretty." HaHa!  I bet his teacher couldn't wait for parents evening! The card that Craig made for me which resembles my epitaph and says, "To my wonderful mum, I will always remember her." (now I am crying) and the carefully trimmed Easter card from Paul with 3D tissue paper daffodils addressed to the "bestest" mum in the world.
I realised a long time ago that I have a linen fetish! I am looking 7 black bags full of towels and bedding and I have given away about the same amount. I just love percale sheets and Egyptian cotton linen and I cant live without thick fluffy towels.
The black and white dress that I wore on the eve of the millenium. My sister, Julia (looking respelendent in a silver grey creation) and husband were here and we went to a masked ball with the boys and partners, and danced the night away then watched fireworks from the Skyroof at the Marine Hotel. At dawn on the beach, we welcomed the sunrise and a new era with the early dolphins......   When I look at that dress - I am there!
So its hard to travel lightly when your things carry so many beautiful  memories. In many ways, I am looking forward to our new home - We have been here for the thirteen years - since that millenium but have gone through a lot in the last decade and I am glad to leave that baggage behind! Here to the future and all the memories we can create! Get the champers out and unpack the glasses quickly!


  1. You've always given me such fantastic memories - even though you're so far away. Can't wait to see you at Christmas! Keep calm and delegate the moving to anyone who hasn't got a cardboard box in their arm.

  2. Me neither - It is going to be a Christmas to remember!

  3. Happy Landings, Sue! (And safe travels, too)