Sunday, November 11, 2012

My Life in Boxes

Gosh almost a month has passed since I blogged but I do have a good excuse - we are moving and I now live in Boxville! I am amazed at how much we have accumulated in our time in this house - 12 years - I am sure we had a big clear out before we moved here. However I think that the five dinner services came with me! Also the twenty assorted cottagey teapots that were once my pride and joy.
My mood this move is RUTHLESS and it is with a vengeance that items are being marked 'junk', 'donate' or 'sell'. Last time we changed abodes, as soon as the kids got wind of us moving, they were down here like a shot marking what they wanted with felt tip pens. They have obviously moved on into architect designed, ultra mod homes and it is us who are asking them if they perhaps have anything that will fit into our new modern townhouse!
D Day or shall we say M Day is still 3 weeks away and the house is almost stripped bare of all our lovely bits and pieces - It makes you realise that it is the photos, paintings and artwork and personal stuff that makes a house a home. The garden is still lush and green but without replanting the pots and filling the borders with summer colour - it's just not 'ours' anymore! I am happy that a large family have bought it and that the swing that we are leaving will be put to good use.

Anyway - Here is to new beginnings and all that is waiting for us here.
Praying for a sunny and dry day for our move and lots of visitors in our new home - not enough that we will need five dinner services for as we now only have two - we do however still have plenty of wine glasses!

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