Saturday, December 29, 2012


We are back from the soggy south! Its official that Britain has had the wettest year EVER and we drove through some very damp countryside in Wiltshire - a pity as I was looking forward to striding through fields and forests with my camera. Instead Janice and Gary welcomed us on Boxing Day with home made mince pies, plenty of board games ( and some nifty Wii dancing) and all the TV that we missed on Christmas Day. Family Fun is always the best and its only at Christmas that cracker jokes are funny! How  does Good King Wencelas like his Pizza? Deep'an, Crisp and Even! What do you call a fish with no eyes? Fsh! What do you call a multi story pig pen? A Sty Scraper! Hilarious stuff LOL!
The following day we enjoyed lunch at the Somerford Arms - decked out in wobbly Christmas d├ęcor - hosted by a boxer dog lounging in front of the log fire and a parrot muttering in the corner. The food was really delicious - not that we needed feeding as all we have done for the last week is eat! More games and TV and food in the evening.
We had an early start yesterday as sadly Tony's sister in law passed away as we were in transit. Jenny was only fifty three and was a lovely lady who worked hard and together with Graham raised three wonderful boys. Her funeral service reflected perfectly who she was and what was important to her and a most moving tribute was written by her boys - Dear Mom....Some beautiful words were spoken and there was a sense of peace and a sureness that when you live in the hearts of those you love, then you never die.
I must say that I am SO impressed with the younger Gaskins! They have all turned out so well and it was really nice to see them together sharing a genuine willingness to get to know cousins, aunts and uncles and put together the family jigsaw. When there is a large family often it fragments and people lose touch and these days families live far away from one another -  but many of them were there and it was a pleasure to meet them. I hope they manage to keep in touch (Face Book is helping). There are strong family resemblances and mannerisms - you can spot a Gaskin a mile away!
M4, M5, M6 A580 - I managed to manoeuvre my way through the traffic - lots of it - and get home safely. Today we are going to a pantomime - 'Oh Yes we are!' Peter Pan starring David Hasslehoff as Captain Hook! I should imagine there will be more corny jokes, a lot of flying, a dame or two and lots of laughter - we are going to the matinee so I should imagine it will be very noisy too!

Ah the magic of Christmas!

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