Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Back to the Future

One of the strange things that happen when I am enjoying a break in my home country is that I get flashbacks - A little like the TV series 'Life on Mars' or the film 'Back to the Future'. We drove past our old home today and I remember vividly how the back garden looked, the view from the front bedroom window down the road and the walk to and from school with the boys - no wonder I was slim and fit in those days! I seem to know my way better around St Helens town centre than I do around Port Elizabeth and yet I have lived there half of my life now.
But it was a trip around Hesketh Hall to look at antiques and then on the Bygone Times brought back the most memories as we found ourselves surrounded by furniture and bric-a-brac from our childhood. It amazes me that no self respecting mantelpiece would be found without horse brasses, a hearth with a pottery shire horse pulling a wooden wagon was essential to the seventies home and EVERONE including me, had a figurine of a wizened old man sat on a bench and an equally ancient but rosy cheeked old lady holding a bunch of balloons - WHY? I never questioned why these were fashionable - I just followed suit! I didn't succumb to the temptation of owning a china shepherdess, nor did I own a lot of crystal - could be something to do with me having four boisterous boys who enjoyed indoor war games and ball sports!

I cant imagine what will fill these stalls in twenty or thirty years time as today's young marrieds don't do ornaments - perhaps they will be filled with retro laptops or ipods and patriotic cushions and Le Creuset cookware - who knows! I do know that it will create the same feeling of 'deja vu' and a sense of nostalgia to those perusing the antique stalls ...and that is not a bad thing!!!

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