Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ten Years Younger

I have just had a BIG birthday - Everyone says that age is just a number - Quite scary when that number is huge! I had a great celebration weekend as I figured that by the next BIG birthday there is a possibility that I shall just be wobbling around but more about that in my next blog. I decided that I will focus on things that make me feel 10 years younger and make sure that I experience these on a regular basis.

1. Get plenty of sleep.
There is nothing worse than being sleep deprived and I have in the past, tossed and turned a few dark hours away. A couple of years ago I went to see a hypnotherapist who taught me how to get myself into a drowsy relaxed state  - it involves creating a scene and walking down steps (and a whole lot of other stuff). It works wonders - even if I wake up in the night, I can get myself back down those steps into my unconsciousness and back into dreamland. Another great tip was given to me by my reflexologist - Texa is a anti histamine and just 1/2 of one gives me the best quality sleep so I indulge myself with a Texa over the weekend and enjoy slumbering bliss.
2. Say "C", senorita!
Vitamin C is the miracle worker - essential for a healthy immune system and keeps skin elastic and firm. I can't think of anything worse that feeling younger than my face so I shall be eating more strawberries (which are loaded with Vit C) so are Kiwi fruit and citrus -YUM!
3. Spend time with young people.
My auntie Gladys who is youthful at 94,  gets along with people of all ages and knows who Justin Bieber is! this is because she is genuinely interested in young people and has spent as much time as possible around them. I get to hear a lot of what youth say in my work and I hope I never lose the ability to listen to them and learn from them.
4. Let your inner child come out to play!
You are never too old to finger paint, skinny-dip, play with sand or watch cartoons. One of the reasons I love playing with my grandchildren is that they remind me to enjoy simple pleasures and I get to see the world, people and situations through their eyes. I'll make sure that I jump on a bicycle and play twister too this year!
5. Stay Positive. Nobody wants to be around a complainer. Having a smile on your dial means that you will never be lonely as smiling people are like a magnet to others. Remember the saying, "Laugh and the world laughs with you - Cry and you cry alone!" Find things to be grateful for and look for the silver lining in the clouds - you may discover a rainbow in there! Walk tall and you immediately look and feel 10 years younger so step out in style.
6. Private Medicine! Don't discuss your aches, pains, joints, bladder problems or bowel habits EVER with anyone other than your GP or medical professionals. Nothing ages a person more than long conversations about blood pressure or biopsies and to hear them in the supermarket aisles is the kiss of death to youth.
7.If at first you don't succeed - Just try again! Trying new things is a great way to exercise the brain. I have always been a reader but I don't let myself stagnate by reading the same types of books or the same old author. I read what I like and also what is hip and happening. Getting to grips with technology and social networking is also a great way to stay young. Diiscussing the latest apps with the techno-generation sheds years off your age. This year I am going to get tweeting with twitter and get wise to pinterest.
8. Beauty really is skin deep. So I will continue to pay attention to problem areas and never, ever sleep in my make-up. Being selected as a Clinique Insider has been a boost and I have learned a lot already about the science of skincare  - you can read about Simple skincare here. Hands are important too as, unless you wear gloves all the time, they are on show all the time. Age spots are a real giveaway so I will be lashing mine with hand cream with an SPF - I like the Nivea one! I am currently sporting a Neon French manicure with every nail tip a different lumo colour - a little extreme but just looking at my hands this week made me feel young.
9.Release Control. Anxiety and worry make you feel older and lower your energy so stop trying to fix situations, circumstances and people and tell yourself that there are things in life that you just can't control. Surrender to the universe and know that 'this too will pass."
10.Dress Stylishly. As you get older, quality and cut are important, follow fashion but interpret it in a way that is age appropriate. My motto is that if I wore it the first time around - I ain't going to wear it again! That goes for platforms, ponchos, skinny jeans, hot pants, mini skirts, high stilettos and Adele style eyeliner! I have made myself a promise to wear more colour - I love colour and yet often find my wardrobe is full of boring black and sludgy greys. I will expect you all to remind me of this when you see me wearing dowdy hues.
PS. When looking for ideas for this blog I came across this article on a different sort of grooming. I am all for trying new things but I think that I will pass on this.



  1. sounds good to me...i'd also recommend a bit of making, creating, writing and learning - but you do that anyway!

  2. TKs - I am in a constant state of learning as the shelf life of information is less and less with all the changes in technology and business. I am about to enter the Womand and Home short story competition again this year and be in the top three and my knitting needles are out - Phew - So much to do - so little time!