Monday, March 18, 2013

Good Grief

It's now 8 weeks that I have been without Tony (I never thought I would have to type that sentence). Eight weeks of my journey into grief and the lessons that life is teaching me. Some days are Ok and some aren't but grief is like a wave that washes over you and leaves again. The pain it brings is necessary for healing, so it's not good to ignore it too much.
Isn't it amazing that I am still getting messages, calls,  cards, visitors and in the last three days four lovely bouquets of flowers.
Kind words about the significance of Tony's life are also comforting and I have heard many of them.
Work is a great distraction and I am being kept really busy - I am trusting that this is how it should be right now but I know that I wont be able to keep this pace up long term!
I am also thinking of how this journey is made easier by friends and family and the incredible support I have been shown by people - I know that I am being held in thought and prayer by many and believe me I am grateful for your company along this path.
I am making plans, moving forward and have navigated my way through the sea of paperwork - I just have to file it all now!
I am coping ....I am going to be OK. Thank You!

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