Sunday, April 21, 2013

Granny Love

What is it about becoming a first time granny? It's a milestone that fills most women with dread because it symbolises being old and yet there is also an element of excitement at the thought of a new generation and a new little person in the family. I have taken to granny hood like a duck to water - calm and serene on the surface and peddling like the clappers underneath in case I ruffle my feathers!
The working world is only just getting used to the working mother never mind the working grandmother,
and while I love my 'granny' status, the word 'granny' just doesn't belong in the boardroom! It should because grannies are wise and wonderful and sometimes wacky!

You know you are a granny when....
  • You are eating Spiderman yoghurt's all week because your grandies came shopping with you, put them in your trolley and then went home without eating them.
  • You get excited and shout 'digger' or 'tractor' when you see any articulated vehicle with big wheels - even when you are in the car alone!
  • You find yourself dancing around in your pajamas wearing a tiara at 9pm on a Friday evening.....and would not be anywhere else in the world,
  • You are happy to eat the cupcakes after the grandies have licked all the icing off the top and handed them back to you.
  • There are wet handwipes in your handbag and a toy or two.
  • You tell the same story over and over and 'just one more time' knowing that it's a planned strategy for them to stay up later.
  • You lie down with them at 8pm - just for five minutes - and wake up in their bed at 2am.
  • You can keep their secrets and 'pinky promise'.
  • You have a 'naughty corner' in your home but its never been used - well for a child that is!
  • You eat their vegetables for them when their parents aren't looking!
  • Your laptop has sticky fingerprints all over the screen.
  • You open your diary to find your to-do list has been drawn over.
  • You LOVE all of the above! 
So looking forward to the next one arriving in August :-)

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