Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mid Week Rant - Movies!

I have been having a little tantrum all week about movies. Half of me is mad because we don't get decent films here in PE anymore - that is the ones on the 'art' circuit and when they do come they stay for a week. The other half of me despairs of the PE public who don't go and see them when the cinemas bring them here!
Last week Quartet came and I was please that the theatre at the Bridge that was showing it was at least half full last Thursday. It was a well written, well acted portrait of a group of retired performers and their struggle to raise funds by putting on a gala concert. The snipes between these retired 'prima donnas' were entertaining, the comedy of Billy Connelly's character had us in stitches and the soundtrack was just wonderful. Here today - gone tomorrow! It was on for one week so if you didn't get to see it hard cheese!
This week's art offering is Little One - Darrell Roodt's moving tale of a six-year-old girl found left for dead outside a township in Johannesburg. It was selected for consideration as South Africa's official entry for best foreign film at the Oscars in 2013. Unapologetically South African with a minimalist narrative, it tells the story that we read about too often in our newspapers rape, poverty, lack of police resources but it is handled sensitively and there is not one poor performance. There was 3 of us in the cinema last night - I shake my head!
At Cinema Nouveau in Cape Town and Johannesburg they show 5 or 6 art movies per week and they are well attended - does the PE public really lack taste and culture and if so why?? We struggle to fill theatres, large concerts don't even come here anymore and our art galleries flounder! Yet the casino is full and the other cinemas showing digitally enhanced super heroes and violent American thrillers are thriving. Vampires ....need I say more!
Please PE come to the party - explore the arts - support your cultural community or it will be lost forever.
Thank You Ster Kinekor at the Bridge for not giving up on us - YET!

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