Saturday, June 15, 2013

Cape Town Vibes

I am having a real love affair with Cape Town at the moment. I have always loved coming here and right now Cape Town seems to be the place to BE! this is what I am loving about BEing here this week:-
  • There is an optimism here that is missing from PE - Cape Town has a pulse while PE seems to be on life support.
  • Business is brisk - the shops are busy and service is generally good - (but not a Boardman's Canal Walk yesterday)
  • There are places to eat other than the dreaded Franchises!
  • There is a Woollies food store on every corner.
  • The streets are clean - in fact everything seems cleaner.
  • That mountain is just BEautiful.
  • Kirstenbosch was just like botanical heaven today - it was lovely to see families picnicking and spending time in nature and taking their rubbish home with them.
  • It's great to stretch my legs along the Atlantic seaboard - fresh air, seagulls and the walkway is close to the ocean.
  • Sunsets...need I say more!!
  • I haven't seen any  rusting old jalopies held together with tape on the roads.
  • I saw a really good movie that didn't have aliens, superheroes or animals that talk in it! Shadow Dancer - Well scripted, great acting and with a twist in the tale!
  • There is so much to DO - This is my 3rd visit this year and I still have a list of stuff that I haven't done or seen and that I want to do!

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