Thursday, June 6, 2013

Everyone knows I ♥ my toes!

I have romantic toes! Yes - it was confirmed today that I have toes that snog while I am otherwise occupied. I had to book an appointment with my foot doctor (podiatrist) as since I came back from Australia last year I have had a sore little toe - a tiny toe that I was hardly aware of. Granted I did schlep a lot around Melbourne...and Sydney and duty free, and while I was doing this my little toe fell in love with the toe next to it. As their relationship developed - they became inseparable and I developed a kissing corn. Isn't that a cute term? In reality it is a painful experience...but love does hurt sometimes. I had to put a stop to things today and my podiatrist has prescribed a protective cover - a gel condom - for the worst offender and so until my baby toe can behave herself she will have to get used to the separation. I am having no trouble getting used to walking on Cloud 9. I think I will paint the town red and my toes ♥

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