Monday, July 15, 2013

Challenge Yourself!

Well done to Lorraine Primary School for setting their pupils a challenge of tasks and activities to complete during the school holidays. Jessica was issued with her list and took it quite seriously. I thought it was a great idea designed to keep the children occupied and that some thought had gone into the challenges. None of them involved TV or computer games!
Some of them were fun eg. Sleep under the dining room table; find out two naughty things that your parents did when they were children. Lots of material there LOL!
Some required skill eg. Decorate a cake and do some crafts with an adult. Some challenges were about being outside eg. Go on a long nature walk and plant some seeds.
My favourite was to write a letter to a friend and post it. How many children can say that they have or will ever do that! Its all about BBM, email and Whatsap! Do a good deed for someone was on the list
Jessica invited me to be involved with 3 of her challenges and I baked a cake for her to ice - which she did with an icing nozzle for the first time. We scrap-booked her Justin Beiber concert page and she wrote her letter to her cousin while staying with me. Jessica is not a stranger to letter writing as she wrote to the Queen and received a reply - I hope her cousin writes back!
Her favourite challenge was the long nature walk and the cake icing, her least favourite was 'tidy your clothes cupboard and her most unusual was the challenge to visit an art gallery. She completed 17 out of the 18 challenges which I think is well done!
I just thought it was a great idea and it would be good for other schools and youth groups to do the same as a way to get children motivated and involved in their spare time. Setting and reaching challenges is a life skill too!
I like to set myself challenges in all areas of my life including professional development and personal development and physical challenges - they drive me to stretch myself and try new things. This year I have challenged myself to improve my photography - I have been on more workshops and getting out there - the result being my sunrise photo last week! I also want to learn to crochet and I am about to sign up for an online course in early childhood development and I want to do a Project Management qualification - something that I know I will find challenging. Zumba! say no more :-)
The message is that if you stop stretching yourself when you finish school then you are going to stagnate. Your brain, like a muscle, needs to be exercised. You need to enjoy them so set yourself challenges in areas that you enjoy and don't make them too easy or you wont s-t-r-e-t-c-h.
My biggest challenge at the moment is learning to live independently and I am treating it as something that I need to learn on my life journey. It's a stretch but I am improving and a challenge that I am determined to cross off my list.

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