Tuesday, July 16, 2013

.......in Waiting!

I am excited by the prospect of a Royal birth and really happy for the young Prince and Princess but Puhlease.....to have the press camped outside the hospital for over 2 weeks now with lenses trained on windows and doors waiting....waiting....waiting... for WHAT? We all know what is going to happen and we don't need photographs of Kate in her hospital gown red faced and panting. Nor do we want to see William rubbing her feet while Kate pulls angry faces at him! BBC, SKY, CNN - you really need to leave them alone and wait like the rest of us for a dignified announcement to be posted outside Buckingham Palace. The international press need to show some respect and an urgent refresher course on professional ethics and morals.
If this is a taste of things to come for the little one then heaven help heir (excuse the pun)!

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