Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Mid Week Rant - The Great Orchid Rip-Off

Have you got one of these? Every one seems to have one or two and most of them look like mine does! All of mine have been gifts that my lovely friends and visitors have spent over R100 on and with out fail they have all died. I feel awful when the flowers all come off and very guilty about my non-green fingers - Sad I know, but I don't think of myself as a plant murderer just a victim of Woolworths or the other retailers that sell them.They must sell hundreds of these a week so are making a fortune.
I have a friend who is an expert on all things green and she has an orchid hospital at her home. She tells me that the orchids that are imported are doomed to a short life span by the way they are packaged and rooted in cotton wool.
Orchids are exotic plants that live on the bark of trees in warm humid climates - not cotton wool trees! She takes my ailing orchids and replants them with love and care and a considerate amount of skill and tries to revive them. Not always successfully. I love flowers and plants but I think these are being abused!
So - if you think that these are good value - think again. They look pretty for a couple of weeks and then are gone and you would be better advised to buy flowers or an indigenous plant that can go in the garden later....or better still something more useful - Perhaps a silk orchid!

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  1. very good, I was known as a plant murderess in SA and had a very good friend with green fingers that would revive my umbrella plant on a regular basis, now I'm back in the UK I still get plants for presents of which the plant pots are now empty, and I still struggle and yes as you do feel guilty. Its not fair and although well meant I too wish people would stop buying me them!