Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Mid Week Rant - the Mandela's

I am ashamed right now to be associated with South Africa! The shenanigans of what is supposed to be one of South Africa's leading families are nothing less than bizarre and the world must be rolling its eyes in amazement. The events surrounding Nelson Mandela's demise are a public embarrassment and anything could happen next!

We have a close relative digging up other relatives and moving them to suit their future financial needs. We have other family members selling the rights to their father's funeral to international TV networks when he is still alive. We have an old man on life support - at the age of ninety five - I ask you! We have a wife telling the world that her husband is responsive and conscious. We have a previous wife using police cavalcades to accompany her on hospital visits to say good-bye time and again, wasting our security resources. We have the international media camping out anywhere they can to get front row seats to the biggest circus event ever!
There is no dignity. There is no compassion. There is no respect. It is obvious that no one in the family has inherited the wisdom of this proud man. I am embarrassed and sad for him.

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