Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Next Chapter

I like new beginnings! Ripping the wrapper off a new magazine, opening a new bottle of wine or perfume,  stepping out in a new pair of shoes and anticipating the first page of a new book - all of these hold promise, mystery and possibility. I am busy writing the next chapter of my life right now - a new beginning! I have met a really special someone and getting to know his world. He lives in Natal - a place that I have only visited twice in my life mainly because I considered it a hot, humid, jungle and a place where I knew no one. When we met I told him I could NEVER live in Natal - my hair just doesn't DO Natal! He has a Bush Lodge up here called Ascot Bush Lodge and lives under a huge thatch in a rustic man cave - a long way from my neatly trimmed garden, granite topped kitchen, townhouse living, afternoon tea world.
A year ago I knew for certain that I would NEVER love again and bravely resigned myself to finding fullfilment in my children, grandchildren, work and writing. I imagined solo expeditions with my camera, being the odd number at the dinner table, exploring new hobbies and ways to pass the weekends, long evenings and holidays for one. I practiced my best brave smile and stepped out into the lonely planet ...... but the universe has other plans for me!

So here I am - distance has made a shared future a little complicated but we are navigating the challenges with hope as our compass. Each morning is a new adventure as we discover likes and dislikes - I like tea first thing in the morning and he drinks some weird green potion called wheat grass! We both have a sweet tooth and like liquorice! I have introduced him to Robbie Williams and Pitbull and I am learning to enjoy Brook Benton and Jim Reeves - I know!!!!
He wants to take me fishing and I want to take him to the theatre! We both enjoy going to gym but I like morning exercise and he is used to afternoons on the treadmill. We both want to join dance classes  - he wants to waltz and I want to tango!  We share a passion for travel and both love being in nature but no frills camping is out. We have both got accustomed to a little luxury - he calls canvas luxury and I call it percale linen!
He grew up on a farm in this area and knows the name of every tree, every bird and every plant that I enjoy taking photographs of. He is happy to carry my camera bag and do U turns every 100 metres when I see something that I have to take a picture of. In fact he is an amazing photo-scout! He loves his children and grandchildren just as much as I love mine and we make each other laugh.
The next couple of months will tell us if we can make one another happy or if we will drive one another mad and if it all works out, the plan is to settle and spend most of our time in PE but until April, I will be here for three weeks of the month and back home for the other week - if I can fit in some work during this period, then that's a bonus. As a gift to myself, I plan to pass some of the time improving my writing skills and get my paintbrushes out. I need to work and he needs to run his business and be kept busy! We have the blessing of our children and family, the approval of good friends and the support of people we need in our lives.
I NEVER thought that I could be loved the way that I was loved by Tony throughout my marriage nor that I could love another to that depth but NEVER underestimate the capacity of the human heart - its a muscle and when exercised it will grow - its walls are made of elastic and like the walls of a happy home will always make room for one more if you have the heart to welcome someone in! New love doesn't diminish what is already in your heart but adds to it. Time will tell but I have NEVER been one to let happiness slip through my fingers. I think I will call this chapter "Never say Never."

I know that you are all dying to meet him and you will......Here he is!

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