Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Slow,Slow, Quick, Quick Slow!

Slow, Slow, Quick Quick Slow!

Last week I had 2 very different experiences - both new and both fun!
I drove a tractor - A Massey Furgerson - no less! I am told that this is the tractor to have and this particular one is almost Vintage but chugs to life at the flick of a switch as if it was landed here from England yesterday and not 35 years ago! I had no idea that tractors had such a complex gear system and the model I drove had no power steering so turns had to be planned ahead and controlled with much tugging on the wheel. I could only go forward at this stage and I managed to drive around a grassed area without knowing where the break was while fearless V stood far too close taking photos - Brave man!

I also attended dance lessons at Ben's Dance Studio where I discovered that you also need power steering to do the turns as quickly as Ben! I am dancing with a vintage model too and we chug around quite well in time to the music in second gear! I have read that dancing lessons are a good place for singles to meet but as far as I can work out,  there is only one guy who comes on his own and gets to dance with whichever female hasn't got a partner. He bobs around quite energetically with a huge grin on his face - I hang onto my partner for dear life in case he comes and bobs and grins in my direction!
So far we have learned how to do the Modern Jive, Quickstep, a little Salsa and last night we learned the Promenade Hold and Walk to add some fancy flourishes to to our dance steps. I have found that it is all very pleasant and civilized being led around the dance floor in a vice like grip while your partner concentrates and counts - One - Two - Three - Together! It is a lot different from dancing classes in my school years where, if you were a tall girl at our all girl school, you got to dance the male way - forward - just like my tractor driving - full steam ahead! When I danced a real dance with a boy - we both stepped forward together and bumped heads. Even now almost 50 years on - I still have to fight the urge to dance forwards!
A lot of my fun comes from watching the others in our group taking it all so seriously - Lots of sweet young couples perhaps learning to dance for the bridal march - We are the oldest by far!! I  have a lot to learn but am looking forward to the first social where I am sure the mirror ball is illuminated and there will be a dash of Lycra and sequins, by then I shall be gliding gracefully around the floor - not chugging - and perhaps the counting will have stopped.

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