Monday, March 17, 2014

The Man Cave

I have recently quipped that, "I am a prisoner in a man cave and I hide the key from myself everyday."The official definition of a mancave is " a room or space (as in a basement) designed according to the taste of the man of the house to be used as his personal area for hobbies and leisure activities"

Being a bachelor for ten years has meant that V has been able to tailor make his abode to his personality and everything about it says 'I am a man!' Man caves are pretty cool - if you are a man! There is a whole website devoted to them which tells you the term was first used in 1992  - there are some wonderful man spaces here to browse at. Many of them involve cigars, beer and car paraphernalia but Vs mancave is a totally functional living space - Its not a room in the house - It is the house! It has taken me some getting used to the spartan existence and I will give you an idea of what his space is like - a combination of what is to be expected in a male domain together with some unique personal touches.

THE SHELF: Most mancaves have a shelf - or at least a drawer - full of STUFF! STUFF is a collection of wires, screws, old chargers, the odd empty jar and perhaps a folded piece of paper with hieroglyphics on.It looks like this:

THE BOOK COLLECTION: Mencave dwellers don't read fiction - they want the facts, the truth and nothing but the truth! I was quite impressed to see Enid Blyton in this collection but this man has a soft spot for his grandchildren and these were picked up at a booksale to entertain them with when they visit. Mein Kamp and war books are not negotiable - and not for grandchildren!

Remotes, Remotes Remotes - mostly without batteries so to work anything you have to take the batteries out of one set to get the other to connect. this all adds to the fun and satisfies the need to 'tinker' with things! Rubic Cubes are pretty common and man size torch is the ultimate decor accessory!

This mancave has a very African collection of Assegais, carved walking sticks and a knobkerrie and a commissioned officers sword which is very useful for pirate impersonations. There has to be a pocket knife or Letterman in the arsenal or some other tool with lots of little fiddly bits for tinkering. Yes ladies that is where all these things are and why the man of the house uses the end of your steak knives to fix things inside the house!  This arsenal includes an interesting hat too! The dust next to it is all part of the mancave look!

The cutlery drawer has an assortment of mismatched knives, forks and teaspoons and ONE dessert spoon. When V has company he very politely allows guests to use the ONE spoon and he uses a rather large serving spoon! The kitchen area has everything a man needs to exist - a microwave and a kettle and a fridge!

The money that could have bought nice crockery and cutlery has been spent - nay invested - in THE sound system. V could host a rock concert with this speakers with all the bells, whistles, tweeters and volume a real man could hope for. More volume than is necessary for Jim Reeves and Brook Benton!

Yes this is also a decor must and has a dual purpose when not in use, clothes can be hung on the apparatus. note the eye catching man sized fire extinguisher for when sparks fly off this machine! This mancave sports a rowing machine (well we are close to the Dusi River) and an inverter -  very useful for hanging upside down - this could mean I am in the Bat cave!

The man has just looked over my shoulder and feels the need to defend himself and his cave and wants me to tell  you that he is very civilised. His luxurious bathroom boasts a bidet and he does have framed poetry on the wall as a man of culture would have! He also has electricity (sometimes) and a wi-fi connection. Percale sheets (but lumpy bumpy pillows) and plenty of nice smelling soap and hot water. There is an old landrover and a vintage tractor parked below and of course - a bakkie!

In reality this mancave is a very relaxed, restful and comfortable space painted in earthy shades of ochre and spice. It is upstairs and has a view of the treetops and a large thatch.  It is furnished in creative natural wood and home made furniture  Although spartan it has everything a person needs to live well and it reflects the warm, relaxed, creative nature of its owner. It's a space that says, "I am happy to be me." and "I am comfortable with who I am and have no need to impress or compete with others." and above all a space that says "Welcome." Joking aside - I am happy in this place and that has all that I really need.

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