Thursday, June 5, 2014

Two of everything and a Tractor

I have been back at the man cave for a week after a busy spell back in PE where I worked and sorted out town house and garden AND arranged a wedding very hastily. Its not what you think - the rush has come about because the minister is going on sabbatical for 78 days from 23 June to 19 September. V and I, having got our priorities straight, had booked and paid for our honeymoon so we wanted to get married on 3rd September and now couldn't. "Perhaps we could book you for the 26 September when we are back and so are you?" I asked Rory, the vicar." Well then," came the reply,"In that case you would be going on a holiday and not honeymoon!" And here was I thinking all the rules changed after the age of 50. I posed the problem to V who said - the sooner the better and we are to be married in 2 1/2 weeks time!
That was Friday and on Saturday I had a meeting with YaYa Wedding and by Monday I had been to a Bridal Fair, bought Fabric, arranged for a dress to be made, seen a jeweller and arranged for a ring to be designed and made, booked an intimate venue for a small family reception after the service, had an invitation designed and sent out for the June celebration (there is to be another reception in September when we are back from honeymoon), arranged a photographer and arranged for a small wedding cake to be made and of course had floral discussions with YaYa Wedding Voila! 
I arrived back at the Lodge thinking that I could have a little respite but things are all go here! The Royal Show was in full swing - this being the highlight of the Petermaritzburg Calendar - and Vs relatives arrived the day after me, so I was caught up in a social whirl of activity! Quite the opposite the quiet existence I have become used to here. A lovely day at the Royal Show (which I will blog about soon) Another wonderful visit to Tugela Estates on Friday and as the Comrades was on - the Bush Lodge was exceptionally busy over the weekend and I have been given the role of managing a highly strung chef!
So it was on Sunday evening that I broached the topic of wedding apparel to my beloved. He ventured into his Vintage wardrobe and retrieved a pair of very shiny trousers and a dusty jacket."What about these?" he asked hopefully while brushing some 1987 custard off the jacket lapel. "It will dry clean well and it fits like a glove" - followed by pleas of -"I've hardly worn it."
Do all men have this allergy to new clothes? I protested that I could not possibly marry a scarecrow and the tricky negotiations began........
Since then I have been back and forwards to the mall with various size trousers (this man is also in denial about his waist size) and shirts that now come in not only collar sizes but regular, slim fit and comfort fit - my regular man wants to be comfortable and slim at the same time. I have had to concede on shoes though, and the old "very good, leather, cost a fortune, designer, almost new shoes bought for daughter's wedding ten years ago", have been polished and the new shoelaces bought.  Not the average cave man - most of what I have bought is going to a tailors to be 'finished off' with a nip and tuck! When it comes to shopping, I am just about finished off too and will be giving the shops a wide berth for a while and I so wish I could afford the nip and tuck!

So all in all an exciting and eventful week and I know the next couple of weeks will also be as exciting - I head back home next week to resume my PE routine and work life. I had dreams one day of a lazy retirement and here I find myself with two jobs, two homes, a chef in tears, an extra family and a tractor to contend! Pray for Me :-)

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