Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sunday Lunches

As much as I enjoy new and different I also enjoy the comfort of old favourites and when it comes to food although I love Sushi, Dim Sum and exotic middle eastern delights -  you can't beat a traditional Sunday Lunch. V and I enjoyed two Sundays in PE this month and, in the interests of some comparative shopping, two Sunday lunches  - I know its tough. It was lovely to see families out in the sun and sat around a table eating healthy hot food.
My absolute favourite place to enjoy a roast, roasted potatoes, two veg and delicious gravy - other that my sister Julia's dining room - is Stanley's in Kenton on Sea. It's an unpretentious place - a bit like going to your grannies - nothing new, no stainless steel or distressed wood furniture - the tables look old because they are old! Its been around for a long time and there is always a dog wondering around in between the tables, this time with a lemon in its mouth - when life throws lemons at you, go and chase them! What a lesson for a sour puss!

The view is as awesome as the food - full frontal of the Kariega River from the deck and on weekends there is plenty of river traffic to keep you interested. Birdsong is heard in the air - and I don't mean twitter - there are often hornnbills in the trees. Lively conversations surrounds you and  often jumps tables making for entertaining banter.
Last Sunday the deck was full and it was like being at a large family reunion - friendly people, friendly staff and a friendly dog running around with a lemon ball. There was a TV on in the bar but no one was watching - What a delight! Fresh mushroom soup was on the menu followed by a delicious roast, served with the crackliest of crackling and a plate filled to capacity with vegetables and crispy roast potatoes - Groan! But the best is yet to come - My favourite part!

Dessert! A tray full of decadent sweets arrives and you get to choose - that's difficult when they are all shouting "EAT ME". Even if I had walked back to PE I would not have burned up all those calories but food hadn't tasted this good for a while so what the heck!

Ok so today is Sunday - one of those still grey days which make me listless and restless at the same time! Lunch time arrives and I am still in my pajamas! Almost unheard of but you could say that we are still on honeymoon! Tea time arrives and I haven't had lunch......... we ended up in the Keg and Hedgehog at 7pm - Chicken and Prawn Curry served with tennis .....Wimbledon not the biscuits!
Next weekend there will be roast!!

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