Friday, August 22, 2014

A happy ending......and I didn't have to bite anyone!

Thank you SanParks - I was refunded today! I mentioned in my previous blog that we arrived at Kruger Park to find that there was a mess up with the booking and we weren't booked in - whats more they were full so we had no option but to book into the Protea Kruger Gate (which is fantastic by the way). It was such an awful feeling to get to our much looked forward to destination and be turned away. Even though I had proof of payment - the dates we had booked for had not been altered  as I requested when we had to make changes due to work commitments, and I didn't have the new reference number with me. We decided that it wouldn't spoil our holiday and even though I felt like crying - I put my happy face on and made the most of the situation.
When we got back -- I grabbed my diary and thank goodness that I had noted there when I made the change the new reference and the persons name who I spoke to. Despite this when I emailed SanParks I was told that I couldn't get refunded as I had paid the balance of our booking with the old reference number. I sent more emails and was not given  much sympathy or hope so I put to use my hunting skills!!! I don't only like to hunt for a good photo - I like to track down the best person to speak to in an organisation - the ones who I think care and the ones that can think for themselves. Like I did when Pick and Pay gave me terrible service in PE - I stalked Raymond Ackerman and wrote to him personally in a letter to his home address with a stamp on it and YES! he wrote back because he does care about his reputation and he sorted my problem out.
So I checked the who's who in the Zoo ....or should I say the Parks and I found the name of Glenn Phillips - with the title of  Managing Executive Marketing and Tourism and emailed him and found out why he has that job and why he is successful. I had an immediate response,  he got personally involved, looked into the matter and within a few days managed to do what no one else could do - understand what I was telling him - and give me an apology and a refund. Well Done Mr Phillips - I wish you even greater success and truly wish there were more in your organisation like you!
So the moral of the story is to Keep Calm and find out the person in the organisation who cares, and to make notes when you are on the phone to people. A happy ending to what could have been a sad story!

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