Friday, August 29, 2014

A Peek at my Week.

Its been quite a strange week for me and the first time in a long time that I have had time on my hands. Living in two places means that I only facilitate half of the month and on previous stays here, I have always had work to bring here with me but I am up to date and so have had a lazy time - I am so not used to that!
Here is a summary of my week:-

Where I have been: To Butterflies for Africa where, for R24, I spent an hour or two fluttering around with colourful butterflies and a parrot or two. I stood still long enough for a pretty butterfly to land on my finger and for a yellow parrot to do what the bluebird of happiness is said to do ......on my jeans!
Also visited Karkloof Falls (pictured above) and saw a cycad growing at perfect right angles to a rock face.
Who I have met: A delightful young man called Tyler who was our waiter at a lovely restaurant in town and served us a delicious lunch. He  informed us, when I commented on his height,  that he is still growing at the age of 27 and way over 6ft - He was rather a dish himself, and I felt like bringing him home, keeping him as a pet, feeding him and watching him grow.
What I have bought: Shoes - What can I say! I made a vow last year not to slip or slide around in cardboard shoes from MrP or flop around in unflattering flats that strain my calves but its hard to find fashionable shoes with a small heel that don't look like orthopaedic appliances. So when I stumbled across a sale at a Green Cross outlet up here I 'just popped in'. I must say their shoes are comfy and stylish.
What I have seen: I used to go to the movies two or three times a month but in the last couple of years it seems that Hollywood has died and been replaced by animated cartoonists or comic book Superheroes! I jumped at the opportunity to see Helen Mirren in a film called Hundred Foot Journey which is a foodie film, set in France and the village resistance (they are always resisting something the French) to an Indian family opening a restaurant opposite a Michelin star establishment. It was like a French pancake - fluffy, delicate, sweet, pleasant and predictable with lots of ripe berries, French arrogance, Indian music, huge sad brown eyes and furious chopping and lashings of coriander! I came out of there starving and headed for the nearest sushi place.
I also caught a glimpse of the reclusive resident water monitor who popped his head out of hibernation on Sunday just long enough for me to snap at him.
What I have read: The rest of my time has been spent pottering about here at Ascot Bush Lodge and catching up on some reading. I finished Two Brothers by Elton John and flattened The Legacy of Elizabeth Pringle in two days,,,,now on to The Universe versus Alex Woods!
I head back to PE on Sunday to pack again for our trip to Zambia - a belated honeymoon - another story - another adventure!

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