Sunday, August 3, 2014

My thoughts as I enter a new week....

We have just returned from a lovely holiday in the Kruger Park and its back to reality and some hard work to pay for the next trip!
One cant be on holiday all the time and I realise that I need to find ways of getting that holiday feeling when at home. A holiday is not just about being away from your own bed and kitchen - its a different mindset too and a carefree feeling. How to capture that everyday I wonder?  Here's my thinking as I try to create a happy space to be in.
  • Declutter - Stop hanging on to things (and people) that add no value or purpose to my life.
  • Make shrines to the things I love - Don't save the best of everything you own for later. Use my pretty teacups today! 
  • Show appreciation to those that make my journey here meaningful and make my days special. 
  • Play tourist in my own city - I will walk at the beachfront, drive the scenic route to work and savour all that is brilliant about living in PE
  • Under react to mishaps - mistakes are merely lessons to teach me how to do something better. 
  • Dig deep and speak nicely! I won't react to those who forget their manners or forget to show their appreciation of mine.
  • Stimulate my senses - warm baths, scented candles, breathe deeply, hot chocolate and soft sheets at night. 
  • Do more with my family and friends - Looking forward to laughing with Craig and Jessica and enjoying the company of my loved ones.
  • Set aside time each day to read, write or just enjoy a quiet moment of solitude.
  • Be spontaneous - Live in the moment!
I have just remembered that I have a whole pampering session that was a pre-wedding gift from special friends - I will be using that next week too!! Looking forward already to my holiday at home!