Sunday, September 14, 2014

Za Za Za Zambia!

I like to keep a travel journal when I am away and this trip to Zambia was no exception. Yes it was our honeymoon and it was a wonderful special time for us to relax and enjoy a bit of togetherness.

These were the highlights of our stay  in Zambia and at the Royal Livingstone :-

The first wow was our welcoming glass of champagne on arrival together an iced towel to freshen up our hands as we signed in. All this takes place in the comfortable lounge area and not in reception and in view of the Zambezi and the odd Hippo!

At dinner I placed my handbag next to my feet on the floor and to my amazement a footstool was brought to perch my handbag on. This happened at every meal and blew me away each time! The food was delicious and the staff remembered our preferences. The food also had zero calories - LOL!

The Zambian people are lovely - soft smiling eyes, dignified posture and a willingness to help and serve which just does not happen here in SA. We never once saw a beggar, no people asking for money at traffic lights, no car guards in Livingstone. As we walked over the bridge to Zimbabwe there was no hassle and locals passing by asked where we were from, how we were enjoying our stay and not once for money or food. The only requests were from taxi cabs stopping to see if we needed a ride somewhere, How odd that this should surprise us but we citizens of South Africa are harassed by people with their hands out at every opportunity!

The natural beauty of the Victoria Falls is amazing and I love the Zambian side! This World Heritage site is just beautiful and access is free from Zambia. The Zambezi River is fast flowing and clean - I saw only one plastic packet and a couple of bottles the whole time I was there. A highlight for me was seeing the elephant cross the river at sunset and then back again the following morning. All this seen from the deck of the hotel which is on the banks of the river. We also saw hippo, crocodiles, buffalo, elephant, giraffe, zebra and buck and many birds and fish! Several pink elephants and a gin-affe!
The tourists were a friendly bunch and we chatted to a youngish couple from Holland who come to Zambia each year and told us how blessed we were to live in Africa. We met an British lady who came to Zambia years ago and fell in love with the place and the people and returned the following year to assist the local village orphanage. She has founded an international charity organisation The Butterfly Tree which coordinates hundreds of volunteers and manages to provide safe water, food, improved health and education facilities and malaria prevention. We also chatted to several Australians and a couple of Americans who were all having a wonderful time appreciating our magnificent continent.
I shared a half hour with a Chinese/Canadian as we waited for the sunset at the Victoria Falls by Danger Point. His wife had lost patience (his honeymoon long over) and deserted him but he wanted to get the photograph every photographer wants - a sunset over the falls. We enjoyed and appreciated the beautiful warm light as the sun dipped below the horizon and then he ran to find his wife as V and I watched just a little longer. The gate and shortcut to our hotel was closed and locked when we eventually got to the entry point - but it was worth the long walk round and that view is imprinted on my mind forever!

So sad to come home but all good things come to an end !
What a lovely holiday .....Nothing left to say!
,,,,till the next one :-)

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