Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A Cup of Kindness....

Ten pm and I am in bed - So what you may think....but this is 31 December and the rest of the world are attending a big party! Life is different - I am different and its a wonderful feeling when you take the pressure off yourself to conform and just do what you really want to.
Christmas was also different this year and it was the most relaxed that I have had since I was a child when all the grown ups did the work and the kids just enjoyed. I was up in Natal having bought and wrapped the gifts for the family before I left so it was just a couple of hours of shopping left to do up there. Granted I worked quite hard decorating the Christmas Trees at the Lodge but I enjoyed it - I kept it simple and took my time.
We went out for Christmas Lunch to Lythwood Lodge here so there was no rushing around at the last minute looking for Brussels sprouts, cranberries or for jelly. One year I started to gather my ingredients together to make a trifle and some mince pies only to discover that Tony had emptied the cupboard and taken it all  to EP Children's Home causing panic and a near divorce!  Of course I missed seeing family and friends but I had Skype time and was able to see and hear all that Father Christmas had bought for the grandies. I thought that Christmas lunch out would be a soulless affair but at Lythwood the Christmas decor was festive, there were Christmas crackers on the table, we were surrounded by happy families and the food also great - I was pleasantly surprised by it all and best news was there was no washing up. After lunch we languished on a shady stoep drinking in the view and some chilled something - it was incredibly hot, 38C and I was so relieved that I hadn't had to do the cooking.
V was supposed to be here with me for 'twixmas' and New Year but things didn't worked out as they should have. I spent some catchup time with friends and family and of course a sleepover with the little people in my life - I cancelled my Plett plans when the weather didn't look like improving and got stuck into chores here. there is something therapeutic about cleaning and de-cluttering on 31 December - almost like wiping the slate clean.
So last night it was me and my photographs. Scrap booking, Fireworks on TV - a short messenger chat with my Singapore son at 6pm our time - midnight there - and a longer chat with my man in Natal. So ended the year - quietly, peacefully. No Okey Kokey! No Knees Up Mother Brown! The year just fizzled out and 2015 crept in quietly.
Long may this simple life last - T'is my resolution for 2015 - Don't sweat the small stuff ...... or any stuff for that matter, Keep it Simple. Be Kind, Give thanks for small mercies and Embrace change - There will be a lot of it in 2015.

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