Saturday, January 17, 2015

A Peek at my Week

Where I have been?
I got back up here in Natal nearly 2 weeks ago with a granddaughter for a week. We had great fun exploring together and we went to Butterfly World - I love it there and so did Jessica. She fluttered around happily with butterflies on her finger and shoulder. We dipped candles at The Junction on the Midlands Meander and enjoyed archery so much that we came home with a crossbow, called for scones at Piggly Wiggly and visited the Mandela sight with the amazing sculpture. We also spent the day at Ushaka Aquarium which although is irritatingly very commercial, still is home to a really good collection of fish and amphibians and Jess wanted to see the dolphin show so we sat clapping as they frolicked in front of us.
Who have I met.
Staying up here at Vs lodge means that I meet people all the time. They go under the name of 'guests' and most of them are nice normal people but some of them are really just not nice! I have met a variety of 'guests' this week! I have also met the top matriculant in PMB whose proud family chose to celebrate his 7 A's matric pass here. I forecast a great future for him. I also met our resident water monitor on a quiet walk around the dam one afternoon.
What have I bought?
A variety of throws, cushions, candle holders and bits and pieces to try and jolly up the rooms from rustic to romantic on a shoestring budget. Its amazing what a difference that these have made. An all in one black cat suit to hide the damage made by a dozen mince pies and  too much trifle over Christmas. Other than that I have spent most of the month trying not to buy anything and avoiding that four letter word SALE
What I have learned?
I have learned that once you know the facts about dolphins becoming depressed and dying when in captivity read this article from Blue Voice, then you will never truly enjoy a dolphin show again and I applaud Port Elizabeth for not having them in the Oceanarium there despite the loss of revenue. I love dolphins and have swum with wild ones in Australia which was quite magical but they are no different than any other wild mammal and don't belong in zoos - they belong in the wild. I have also learned that I can do a vertical take off when suddenly coming across a water monitor on an afternoon walk and that no matter how nice you are there are some people you just cant please - it's their problem not yours!

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