Monday, February 16, 2015

Fish on a bicycle

What is happening to this lovely land? Why are the masses still so ignorant after twenty years of democracy and why do they continue to vote for a corrupt and incompetent government? Why are ordinary citizens not holding the people who they voted for accountable for the mess this country is in? This week I wrote that trying to stay positive in this country is like a fish trying to ride a bicycle!

Many South Africans still haven't grasped the concept that the only money a government has is the money that we as tax paying citizens give them in income tax, sales tax, customs and excise duties and the money that profitable companies pay in tax. Its a well documented fact that only 5% of the SA population pay income tax which means that 95% don't.  There is a culture of non payment when it comes to services like electricity, water, rates and even school fees. What is the mentality of a person who believes these services should be free and where do they think the money comes from to supply free services? The mind boggles. It's not lack of education - it's ignorance and a weird sense of entitlement.

Grants continues to be handed out willy-nilly to unemployed single mothers but anyone with a brain must realise that it costs a lot more to keep a child than the amount of the grant and that the child's needs will escalate with age and the grant doesn't. Unemployment continues to rise and skills continue to decline and judging from the CVs and letters that land in my inbox, the standard of written English is at an all time low. There is still not enough being done for the vulnerable and disabled in our population because......there is no money because the grants are going to the wrong people.

Vast amounts of money are being paid in salaries and bonuses to inefficient management of state owned enterprises and there is no accountability.  Our labour legislation is cumbersome and exhausting to navigate and its pointless naming and shaming people who have no moral dignity. After all they can blame everything that goes wrong on apharteid and do at every opportunity and to top it all we have a President who thinks all of this is funny.

I used to be proud to live here but now I am embarrassed by the antics of politicians and deeply concerned for the future. I have a lifeline and am here by choice (for now) but I feel for the ordinary people here who are trying to make it work and have no option other than to use their vote - lets hope that they start to use it wisely if there is to be any future for anyone here. It really will be "Cry the Beloved Country."

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