Sunday, April 5, 2015

Cinder - Really!

I am back ! I have been living in the bush, absent without leave and on my travels - which I will tell you about later this week. One of the great things about being back in PE, and there are many, is that the movies are more accessible to me and so are my grandies. I combined the two today and went to see the new version of an old classic - Cinderella.

I sat and enjoyed being swept away into Fairytale land which when you think about it is quite a savage place and full of life's lessons. Cinderella is in reality a tale about child abuse, Hansel and Gretel contains the threat of cannibalism, Jack and the Beanstalk trades poor defenceless animals for beans and promotes the theft of geese, Snow White also tells of cruel step mothers and Red Riding Hood has wolves eating grannies!
Anyway here are some life lessons relevant in any era that we learned from Cinderella.

  1. Have Courage and Be Kind - this was a recurring statement throughout the movie and we all need a lot of both - courage and kindness!
  2. Always have a pair of killer heels in the cupboard to bring out when the occasion demands - Or at least one glass shoe!
  3. Take dancing lessons and practice regularly - you never know when a Prince is going to issue an invitation.
  4. Keep your hair in great condition so it looks great when being twirled around the dance floor!
  5. Be cheerful - Life is short!
  6. Blue looks good on anyone - its all about the shade of blue for you!
  7. If you are out riding on a horse through the forest, be sure to talk to strangers  - you never know how they may change your life - or you theirs!
  8. If you find an old ugly lady on your doorstep when coming home late - be sure to give her a glass of milk. It may be just milk but anything served with kindness is everything.
  9. It takes courage to be who you really are - in other words don't pretend to be a Princess, you don't have to be one to be fabulous - be proud of  who you are!
  10. Live happily ever after - With or Without a Prince! 
Last one - Never date a lizard - they have tendencies to eat flies around the last stroke of midnight.

NB. Thinking of offering my house for Jessica's birthday party this year - a Cinderella theme! She can invite all her friends to sweep, dust, and clean my house for me - I shall feed them scraps. She is not keen.........

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