Thursday, April 23, 2015

Enough is Enough

Enough really is enough and while most of us have been grumbling for a while about the state of our country, its taken a loss of a very precious life to  push people over the edge. We are outraged about Jayde Panayiotou's murder and its seems that at least one of the suspects should have been behind bars but due to our incompetent justice system he was given the opportunity to kill.
I used to be proud to say that I had chosen South Africa to be my home but these days I am ashamed and day by day I am feeling more foolish for staying here. As an immigrant I tend to hold back my opinion about the politics of the country of my choice - not birth. How do the leaders on this continent get away with murder. Why are cases of genocide in Nigeria, Rwanda and Zimbabwe not being heard in the Court of Human Rights? Why are the murders of our farmers not being taken seriously by the world leaders? Why is a country with one of the most modern constitutions in the world getting away with discriminatory employment practices against white people who are born here in the 21 years since that very constitution was adopted? Why is the rest of the world turning a blind eye to Mugabe and Zuma's incompetence? Why are the legal, cash paying customers of Eskom being forced to pay for the illegal use of electricity and why is theft of power being tolerated.  Every citizen deserves to be protected from criminal acts and deserves to share equal rights and opportunities.
There is something clearly wrong happening here in Africa and its about time the silent majority stopped being so politically correct - found its voice and starting saying it as it is.
I have been sad about the state of our nation but now I am bloody angry and so are a lot of people! Enough really is enough!

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