Friday, May 1, 2015

A Peek at my Week

Hi there - Happy Workers Day! I wonder if all our SA Citizens without work will be celebrating today! I am more than grateful that I not only have work and a source of income but that I really enjoy what I do too.
I have been back at Ascot Bush Lodge this week where there is always work waiting for anyone with two hands and a brain - and always a space for me to recharge my batteries and reflect on life's gifts.

Where have I been?
I went to the Save Our Metro Rally where hundreds of Port Elizabethans gathered to lament what is happening to our city and, while the speakers did their best to uplift our spirits,  I left with a sense of  despair as it will be ONLY votes that will change this nation. Our government is corrupt and incompetent and being kind to one another, volunteering to do good things will not change that - like putting a plaster on a fractured skull! But I did feel appreciative that PE is not only the friendly city but the caring city too.
Who I have met?
I had the privilege of facilitating a group of Ward Councillors who shared some of the challenges of their work and the long hours they put in. Also touched sides and enjoyed chilled times with old friends which I always appreciate. I have also met Poldark - A BBC drama set in the 18th century - about a Cornish family and filled with murder, mystery, mining and mayhem. In fact I have spent a lot of time enjoying excellent British TV - The Best!

What I have read?
I read a book called the Widows Confession set in a coastal town in Victorian England and filled with murder, mystery and mayhem. In contract to the book I am reading now called False River, a family drama set in South Africa in the 1970s filled with murder, mystery and mayhem!

What I have learned?
I am learning how to be on my own seeing as circumstances mean that V lives and works in Natal and I cannot live there. As I am really not designed for solitary confinement, loneliness is a great challenge for me but one, I am please to report, I am conquering! I have learned that independence is gift worth treasuring. I have also learned to manage load shedding by taking notice of the schedules and being prepared. I am quite enjoying the stillness of candlelight - although I have also learned that ghost DVDs are not suitable to watch in the dark!

So its been a time of Peace, Purpose, Poldark and Prose and Public Holidays! Enjoy yours today!

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