Monday, June 29, 2015

Half Term Report

It seems only a few weeks ago that we welcomed in a new year and yet in couple of days time we will hit the half way mark of 2015-quite a scary thought! It's also a good time to give some thought to purpose, goals, take stock and rethink the rest of the year! At the beginning of each year I look at the different sectors of my life and set goals in different areas. This ALWAYS includes travel plans and that links closely with my phototography goals. I usually set myself a culinary challenge and sometimes a goal to learn something new that will enhance my career.
So how am I doing......
 Travel wise my goal was to make the most of the situation I find myself in living 850 kilometers from my partner and that includes exploring the Wild Coast and this I am loving! We have already rendezvoused in Mazeppa Bay and explored Wave Crest and last week we explored Coffee Bay and Hole in the Wall. The Wild Coast in extraordinary beautiful a lot of it still unspoiled teeming with unpredictable cattle, goats, sheep and people that spill out into the roads - if you can call what you generally have to travel on - a road! This feeds my passion to capture my world through a camera lens and creates photo opportunities that ties in with my goal to get my photos published in any form! Port St Johns is next on the list for our Wild Coast experience.  My second travel goal was to visit Botswana  - When I decided this,  I didn't realise what an expensive place to visit it is and I can only afford to do this via Zimbabwe. So off I shall be going in July to stay for a few days in Zim with a excursion to Chobe. My stay includes breakfast and I shall be living on chicken noodle cup-a-soup for the rest of the holiday .....and probably for the rest of the month!
Singapore and Thailand were not on my list but when the opportunity arose i jumped at it and it was awesome - so glad that I 'seized the day' and so happy to spend precious time with Sean, Nadine and Katherine - I loved every minute!
My culinary goal this year is to make a quiche - yes I know - very boring! But I have a dread of baking pastry blind so that is what I want to perfect the perfect pastry case and to try to experiment with some different fillings.
That brings me to learning something new and I have decided that I have worked at the adult end of education and I would like to learn about early childhood development - I think this will be interesting so I am looking for a course to go on. I will probably extend my scope of assessment work too - Always challenging and a little frustrating to work with the SETAs so I will develop my pain threshold too! Learning to crochet - This has been on my list since forever and I master this skill and then forget again so I need to sit down for a few days with a crochet hook and a youtube tutorial and get it embedded in my brain - Will 2015 be the year that this happens?
Spending time with family is always high on my agenda and I am grateful for any time my adult kids spend with me - where you spend time and focus your efforts you will be successful and I like to think that we are still a close family regardless of our busy lives - it doesn't just happen you have to make it happen so I will be spending as much time as I can with the grandies and continue to be happy that to see my kids whenever they can spare the time.

Having fun is always on my To-Do list and this year is no exception. So far I have had pink and blue hair - to support a good cause and my JaJas make sure that when there is an opportunity to dress up then we are there! Our latest opportunity came last weekend as we dressed up in traditional wear for a little bit of Xhosa dancing and some great African Drumming.
I shall be trying my hand at the W&H Short Story competition again - three times now I have been a runner up - I think it's about time I won it lol.

So I think my half term report will read, "Susan is making good progress" I am sure that if I hadn't  reflected and set myself these challenges that I wouldn't have done half of the things that have made my life interesting and fulfilled. So far I am happy with my year and proud of myself and what I have achieved.  Lets see what the second half of the year brings. Whatever's in store - I am ready!!! ASK BELIEVE RECEIVE!

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