Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Mid Week Rant - I need to get something off my chest!

I know its youth day but I need to get something off my chest. A few years ago I was shopping  in China where there are some weird and wonderful products on sale. I bought the usual bag, watch (Lolex) DVD and a few Tshirts but quite frankly their fashions are weird and not so wonderful particularly in the lingerie department, where I was faced with wall-to-wall padded bras! Obviously our oriental sisters are lacking in that department. So this week I walk into the underwear section at Edgars and what do I see - wall to wall padded bras! Same story in most of the shops and good old Woollies who you could always trust to find decent underwear have also succumbed to the charms of cheap! Why? The majority of people her are of 'African proportions' - We do not need padding and if we do there should be a small selection of bolstered bras! The opposite is happening - PLEASE unpad our bras - make them pretty, lacy, racy and functional. In my youth the call to women was to burn their bras - if we all burned our bras today their would be a toxic cloud of chemical warfare proportions with the foam used!
My cup runneth over literally these days so I need your support here ladies lol - Leave them on the shelves and be true to your natural self. Mwah!

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