Saturday, July 11, 2015

Flight of Angels

Today started on a high note - after a  run to the river to greet the sunrise, a quick blog post and breakfast, I find myself enroute to the helipad to experience 'the Flight of Angels' - a flip over the Victoria Falls. today my driver is  Sydney - "Oh like the city in Australia," I chirp,   "Yes", he replied, "they named it after me!" I like his style.
The falls from above is as awesome as it is from the ground, but just magnificent is the mighty Zambezi, glistening below like a bright blue rippling ribbon bringer of life and energy.
We are weighed -EEK! There is a weight restriction but even with my bags and cameras I make it but not into the prized front seat - that goes to Zelda from the USofA who weighs nothing and is size zero.
I have a window seat next to Marilyn and Bruce from Melbourne - up we go! It was over in no time but I loved every moment of  my flight of angels - lots of water lots of rainbow moments
Bruce, Marilyn and I get chatting while we wait to see the video that we won't buy. She is an ex South African out visiting family in her home town Grahamstown. I said I was there on Tuesday - she said they were too - small small world.
Free spirits recognize one another immediately and Marilyn and I traded our life story easily. They know Port Melbourne where Sean and Nadine lived. They have 2 daughters no grandchildren but the promise of one soon as their daughter is planning to marry. She insisted I show her photos of my grandies, my lovely sons, my new husband and a bit of an overshare  - V in his heyday - a photo I love!
We both bought the video I wasn't going to buy - I will take Bruce and Marylin home with me and put it with the other DVDs of my daring exploits. My kids will chuck it away when I do my flight of angels for real and I imagine they may watch it and say,"Oh mum! She was such a daredevil."
This afternoon I will walk with angels - the falls on foot!

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