Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Festival Fayre

Yes its that time of the year when I sit on my bed surrounded by a knitted headband and scarf, wooden heart, beaded bangles, assorted chutney's, livid green wire bowl and a goat ....yes....and ask my self WTF! The Festival, when all the left brain logic that you credited yourself with leaves your head and the crazy arty side  moves in and takes over - I love it! I love it that once a year perfect normal people sashay around the streets of Grahamstown as if its perfectly normal to wear your dressing gown to town, when everyone suddenly has a hat and men wear their hair in high pony tails. Everyone seems in a good mood and strangers become friends just because you are at the same show. Today was all of this. After a early start from PE we managed to see two shows - the first one at 09H30 and we arrived at the Monument to collect our tickets at 09H23 - hurtled down Beaufort Street, screeched to a halt, illegally parked our car and sat through an hour of fine theatre - The Snow Goose! By 10h00 we had laughed, cried and laughed again! Breakfast next and some much needed coffee which was leisurely enjoyed to the sound of bagpipes, until one of us notices the time - 11H45 - our next show was at 12H00. We were on foot so we jogged ...yes.....to our next venue which was next door to the first one, hence we left the car, and slipped in through the back door, after sprinting across a school field, to be admitted almost immediately allowing us to secure the best seats in the house for Richard Koch's funny 'Conduct Unbecoming' - a selection of anecdotes about the life of a conductor, having an embarrassing name and showing us some amusing old film footage of the great conductors and their funny ways!
So all in all a successful morning - and then we hit The Village Green.
If it moves, bead it - I think that was the theme this year! There were some amazing beaded objects and one day I will own a life sized flock of beaded sheep. Organic is in from natural fibres to organic produce and unvarnished wooden things. I like that its local stuff - a lot of it handmade - so well done to the organisers for not having those fake sunglasses, caps, purses and bag stalls. I like that there is a lot of community projects and I think this year they have had sales training because there was definitely more interaction and instead of sitting at their stalls doe eyed, the lovely African ladies were up on their feet if they sensed a glimmer of interest. I could see a lot of work had gone into their crafts and felt a little guilty paying just R40 for things that I know took them ages.
Pancakes and more coffee and we headed for home and normality - vowing that next year, like every year, we will stay for a few days and see everything including the evening jazz.
If you haven't been yet - get out your hat and let out your crazy side and head to Grahamstown before the weekend.

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