Sunday, August 16, 2015

A peek at my week

Busy doing nothing may describe my week or the past couple of weeks quite well - I seem to be occupied most of the time - occasionally stressed and rushed - but what I am actually accomplishing eludes me!

Where I have been? After a July packed with travel I needed to stay at home, so I have been just out and about around PE really. I caught up with the ladies at the Embroiderers Guild - a treat for me to see so many old friends in one place. Also a treat to see the wonderful work they do. We have a very strong embroiderers guild in PE, founded by Lorna Bateman, a very successful embroidery teacher living in the UK for a number of years now. You can see the calibre of her work here and the members have certainly kept up the standard.  I have also been indulging in another hobby, Scrapbooking, and joined Philippa and the ladies from the Scrapbook Nook for a Woman's Day Class where we were spoiled not only with beautiful papers and materials but also with gifts, eats and treats as only the giving spirit of PE peeps can do. Also managed to touch sides with most of the important people in my life, see a movie and thanks to the wonders of technology - I have skyped my way into homes in Singapore, St Helen's, Scotland and of course Pietermaritzburg.

Who I have met? 
I was asked to do a presentation for a group of CA students at NMMU. These sort of opportunities are really food for my soul as I get to interact with the bright and beautiful people who really are the future of this country, This particular group are all 3rd year students on a really hectic timetable and my topic was Professional Conduct and Business Etiquette. They were a delight - young, attentive, curious and I just loved interacting with them. I have also spent some time wrapped up in a book - a luxury these days to commit to 600 pages of fabulous reading. Life After Life, by one of my favourite writers Kate Atkinson, and always when you turn the last page of a great story, you feel like you have met a whole host of friends contained within those pages and a sadness descends as you bid them farewell.

What I have learned?
Well I have done a little writing myself, as an entry for the Woman and Home short story competition and have learned what hard work it is for me to sit still for any space of time and also how disciplined writers have to be getting words onto paper....or into the PC. I have a hundred stories in my head lol and I need the space so its time I wrote them down! 
I have learned that I am to be a granny again - excitement tinged with a touch of sadness as I wonder how well I will get to know this little one so far away. But as I always say - where there is a will we will make a way! I have been reminded that the world is a small place thanks to technology but that distance is still a painful space between those you love. 

I have also been reminded that peace is fragile as our area was plunged into chaos by protesters. I really do understand their frustrations but I cant understand how burning tyres and causing damage to roads and property will bring about change - now money will be needed to fix up what was damaged through their protests and further delays the funds available to build houses. Many businesses closed as they were afraid for their staff and customers and this isn't going to create jobs for those who were protesting about unemployment. We live in Topsy Turvy Land where our currency is like Toy Town Money and our leader thinks this is all a fairy story except there will be no 'happy ever after!'

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