Saturday, August 8, 2015

A nice cup of something - I think???

So we arrived back latish and as per usual in true northern the first thing I do is put the kettle on. There was no fresh milk so I thought to make Hot Chocolate - always nice after a long journey and something we keep sachets of. I added the water and it foamed up quite a bit as I poured in from the kettle. That's a bit odd I thought - perhaps the maid has been cleaning the kettle so I reboiled it and this time it was better and we enjoyed our night cap. A cup of tea is essential before I even venture anywhere so early morning tea was made by my beloved and enjoyed in bed. A coffee crisis loomed mid morning so I rushed to our room to put the kettle on - as I poured the water the lid fell off and SPLAT out splashed a creature! It was dead - deceased - no longer with us - had passed through the pearly gates (as they would say on Monty Python). My shriek caught Vs attention and he examined it - He pronounced it to be a gecko - rather a large one - about the size of a king prawn and not dissimilar in colour to an uncooked one - Eeuwe!!! The foamy water made sense now and the realisation that we had enjoyed 2 or 3 cups of gecko tea was not a happy moment
Since then I have been checking my hands and feet for signs of webbing and watching V carefully lest he starts climbing the walls.
Its hard to put something that gross behind you so yesterday I sought advice from my pharmacist - It there a cure for drinking gekko I asked? He laughed when I told him the story and informed me that almost everyone has eating spiders, flies, other insects and perhaps the odd gekko in their sleep and I should be 100% Ok and not to lose any more sleep worrying about it.
Now I am losing sleep over all the other things he claims have crawled into my mouth at night - EEEEK!!!!!

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